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Integrated three Universally Related Popup Menus (URPMs) into home page. Also known as Chained listboxes, dynamically linked dropdown menus, among others, Rob's Universally Related Popup Menus (URPMs) are named after an article on A URPM is a listbox that depends on a parent. This dependency causes a cascading effect in "child" boxes list data when a selection is made in a Parent box. A common example is a set of three listboxes for Country, state/province, and city. Hence, making a selection in the Country box affects both its children, which the state/province box only affects the city box. Here is an example with Automobiles:

Automobile Request Form Example

Choose a manufacturer:

  Choose a model:

  Choose a model level:


The ZPets implementation, like the example above, uses JavaScript in order to minimize server calls. For more verbose and complex data, there is a version that uses Ajax and server-side technologies to fetch the list content.


Secure Tracking System



STS is a national system used for tracking details about people entering Canada under suspicious circumstances.

Technologies used include Java, JSP, Struts & Spring Frameworks, AJAX, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets.

  • Utilized Agile programming methodologies.
  • Created reporting facilities using Crystal Reports.
  • Built a full-text document and database search tool using the ZyLab application integrator.
  • Converted UNIX shell scripts for transferring resources between Secret and Protected B networks to Visual Basic Script for Windows.
  • Wrote encryption software using the Microsoft® Cryptography application programming interface (API).


Secure System for Intelligence



The SSI system tracks Improperly Documented Arrivals (IDAs), interceptions, and mail seizures both nationally and abroad. System components include a web browser front end, JavaBeans in the middle tier, and a Sybase database.

System components/tools include Microsoft IIS 4.0 & Jaguar Servers, PowerJ, JavaBeans, Swing controls, Sybase Database, JavaScript, SQL, Visual Basic, HTML.


Modern War Crimes System

Winner of the 2001 Distinction Award
for the Modern Warcrimes System






The MWCS system is an award-winning application that is used to track information about war crimes all over the world.

Won the Technology in Government Week Distinction Award on October 15, 2001: Gold Medal in Group 1 (Federal Awards), Category B: Serving Canadians Better through IM/IT Innovations, Group B2(i), Enhancing Government Operations by Improving Systems and Services.

In April, 2001, received a Medal of Distinction from the ComputerWorld Honors Program for Innovation and Excellence in IT.

System components/tools include Microsoft IIS 4.0 & Jaguar Servers, PowerJ, JavaBeans, Swing controls, Sybase Database, JavaScript, SQL, Visual Basic, HTML.


Administration Fee System



Manages correspondences between Refugee Protection Enforcement officers and carriers fined with transporting improperly documented arrivals into Canada.

  • Built entirely in Access 2003 using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
  • Used a split database architecture to separate client applications from shared data repository.
  • Sends encrypted emails using Entrust PKI and MS Office Application Automation.




Converted phpFreeChat to work with Mootools instead of Prototype for Released as a Joomla component. Features a PHP server and JavaScript on the client-side.